Character Generation

Character Generation

Despite Savage worlds being an excellent Point Buy system I am going to use a Character gen method that harkens back to The original deadlands series, while keeping a bit of equilibruim amongsth the party and should be good fun.

Texas Hold-em based party character generation.

Each player will be dealt 2 hole cards, and 5 cards will be dealt to the middle; 3 first (the flop), a fourth card (the turn), then the fifth common card (the river) building their characters from the best 5 cards.

Instead of bidding at each phase, after the Flop and the turn, players will have the option of “folding” early, with a bonus for building characters with only 5 or 6 cards rather than waiting for all seven.

Once the cards are dealt and each player has chosen their 5 cards, we will use the old Deadlands books’ charts to determine the die value of each. Players will be allowed to distribute these dice where they choose on their character.

The Side bets

Before character Gen starts, I will let everyone draw 5 random chips. Players are allowed to play poker with these chips during character generation. Since the best poker hand is not always the best character also you will not be limited to using the five card you are building your character with. Between those two facts, it is not necessarily true that the person with the best character will also have the most chips to start with.

Die Value and Coordination

Using the old rules, the value of the card (ace through king) will determine the ability die value per this chart

The coordination based on the suit (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades) will determine how many skill dice the player has to distribute for skills accociated to that ability

Clubs 1 Skill Die
Diamonds 2 Skill Dice
Hearts 3 Skill Dice
Spades 4 Skill Dice

When this is done the player may distribute 5 additional skill dice wherever they wish. This should get the average character starting with 17 or 18 skill dice (opposed to the standard 15)

Example: if a player puts a queen of hearts on Agility, they will have a d10 agility and have 3 skill dice to distribute on Agility-related skills.

Character Generation

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