Syrena Redback


*Agility – d8
*Smarts – d8
*Spirit – d6
*Strength – d6
*Vigor – d6

*Shooting – d8
*Riding – d6
*Stealth – d8
*Streetwise – d6
*Lockpicking – d6
*Persuasion – d6
*Notice – d6
*Guts – d6
*Climb – d6

*Code of Honor



*Winchester ’73
*Derringer (2)

*Riding Outfit: Pants/Chaps, Shirt, Leather Jacket, Boots Fedora
*Working Outfit: Fancy Dress, Stockings, Heels
*Garter Holster
*Rifle Boot
*Knife Sash
*Knives (3)
*Gold Watch
*Horse (Lorelei), Saddle and Saddlebags


Formerly an escort working out of a small but prosperous house of ill-repute called the Tawdry Tavern, Syrena got her start as a bounty hunter when the sheriff took notice that the head of a local smuggling ring favored Syrena’s company. He convinced her that he could make it more worth her while to kill the guy than to sleep with him and Syrena took him up on his unusual offer. Delighted to discover a hidden talent for contract killing, she enthusiastically took up this new, more lucrative business model. Sure you never get a repeat customer if you do your job right, but when someone else is paying you to kill them, the best customer is a dead one.

These days Syrena earns an excellent living collecting bounties and no longer needs to rely upon her former profession for income. Using her natural beauty and charm to her advantage, her targets are usually dead before they can drop their pants. She mostly takes contracts offered by local law enforcement or the military, but if a private party is willing to pay more, her allegiances lie with the highest bidder. To keep up her cover, she has an arrangement with the owner of the Tawdry Tavern to keep her name on the books (“By Appointment Only”, of course) in return for a small percentage of the bounties she collects while “working” there.

Syrena Redback

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