Deadlands: Reloaded

Episode 2: Off a train, then on a train

The party was introduced to Courtney Morrow, an ex-girlfriend of Elijah’s and a member of the Union Blue (and secretly of the Pinkertons?). She warned the characters away from Elijah and the convention. When they went back to check on their supplies, they discovered that much of Elijah’s work was destroyed, so they quickly ran into town to grab what they could find.

Pulling in for the night, several of the characters got in a poker game, and befriended one of the other scientists, meanwhile, outside a group of Natives attempted to blow up the train, fended off almost single-handedly by the amazing shooting of Juan Dinero. Once over, several of the party went a aways away to dispose of the bodies. Unfortuantely, it appeared one of the scientists was killed in his sleep.

Back on the train, the characters participated in a buffalo hunt. During the commotion, yet another scientist was found dead.


igoritzelf garthog

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